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Marjorie Walker's Cancer Blog

Marjorie Walker's Memorial
December 23, 1938 - July 8, 2011

candleRIP no more pain. love to you.
by Laurie
candleYou gave me a new perspective on life. Peace.
by Monique
candleRest in peace. You fought so hard.
by LC
by Mendoguy
candleYou are missed! Rest in Peace dear Marjorie
by kimbo
candleYou gave a good fight.Rest in peace
candleShe fought from 1969 how inspiring
by Ava
candlethank you. xoxo
by Debbie
candleYour words will be missed. RIP
by Yo
by Keith
by Bill
by Ann
by Jessica
by Lisa
candlethank you for sharing your journey, Marjorie.
by Janet
candleGodspeed, darling, pray for us.
by Mersea
candleRest now, friend.
by Kathy
candlePain no more. RIP
by Nancy Glass
candleRest in peace
by Mari
by Ann
candleA better place awaits
by Mike Rada
candleA woman with grace and wisdom.
by Andrea
by Jill
candleMy prayers are for your family & friends, Sandyjo
by Sandyjo
candleGod bless you Marjorie Walker
by Fred
by Kat
by Eli
candleAn honest teacher of life, rest now.
by Levi
candleGood Night and God bless
by Janet
candleR,I,P, Marjorie You are already missed greatly
by Robin
candleRest In Peace
by Joyce In NC
candleMay your family and friends find peace
by Helen Marshall
candleRest in Peace as you join Ron in Heaven's Paradise
by Ron Siemientkowski
candleRest in peace
by Rachel
candleRest in Peace, Marjorie.
by Diane
candleRest in Peace
by Admin

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Farewell and thank you

Not really a blog - just a thank you to all of you who followed my friend Margie's blog. She hugely appreciated all the comments and good wishes that you sent her way, and wanted me to tell you so. I, Antonia, friend and editor, have posted on her own site ( all the tributes spoken at her funeral, and received since; she made it to her 100 blogs, with a little help from her friends. Farewell all.
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:) She was a wonderful Person! So Wonderful in fact I kept getting Old Blogs from her even after she passed! Her spirit is alive and well and still wanders the boards. :) I hope she is happy and pain free.
Wonderful tributes - thank you, Antonia, I enjoyed learning more of Marjorie and her friends.
I waited to tell this to those who will come here. The 35 supporters and another couple hundred of casual passers by... We speak here from time to time about 'feeling' that someone was reaching out from the 'other side' with some message. I have enough belief that this may be very possible and I spoke to Marjorie once and thought if anyone finds a way to connect with me in that way, it would be she, the curmudgeon, the impish young lady with the best sparkle I've ever seen. I believe it happened. 4 nights ago, I thought about her and smiled, thinking, wondering if she knew how much she had touched that naughty, funny side of me. I would stop wondering. My computer made it's little 'ding' sound to alert me there was something new in the mail. I slid over to that page, and nothing was there. So I knew there would be one more. Thank you Antonia, for being a wonderful friend to Marjorie as well as to us. Thank you for helping her come to us and sharing her wonderful spirit. I shall enjoy reading the blogs on the other site, forgetting as I go, that she is no longer here. Or is she...? xoxo
She was a wonderful, lovely, inspiring person. I think her energy remains in and around us. Peace and love to all her friends, Lori
RIP, Marjorie
I so wish I had met Marjorie in person. Her stories were wonderful. I am just amazed at the way she orchestrated her life and her death. In the last few months, Marjorie's family visited. She was still strong enough to tour with her grandchildren. Thank you, Antonia, for collecting Marjorie's writings.
She was an amazing wonderful. The world has definitely lost a special woman.
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8th July 2011

Marjorie Walker 22nd December 1938 ā€“ 8th July 2011 Marjorie passed away peacefully on Friday 8th July.
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Heaven just became more fun. Even though I never met her in real life, I will miss Marjorie - she brought light & laughter here and i'm guessing everywhere she went. So glad her passge was peaceful and she's free to make adventures on her next journey. *sad*
I'm so sorry. I appreciated the strength, courage and honesty that she showed in her writings here. She was clearly a woman of great integrity. Ann
What a wonderful woman. I loved reading her blogs and am happy that she is finally at peace. She will be missed very much.
I'm so least she's at peace.
Iā€™m just so very sorry. This stupid world is now missing another wonderful and elegant always gutsy never quivering fighter. I will miss her gutty approach to this crappy disease. My thoughts are with her family and friends. We will miss Marjorie Walker. Ed
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Aww....I'm so sorry to hear that. What a wonderful woman, I will never forget her. So so glad she went peacefully...Her blogs were a joy to read. God Bless.
I'm so sorry to hear that! She seemed like a wonderful person. We will miss reading her blogs.
A huge loss for us..we will miss her deeply.. Rest in peace
An amazing woman, a wonderful writer with a wry sense of humor. Met life head-on and set her own agenda. Rest in peace, dear Marjorie.
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Sorry to hear that,she was atough gutsy lady and will be missed by all of us!There are no goodbyes just good memories! RIP Marjorie
A star in the heavens shines brighter now.
Oh no, I just saw this so sad. Rest in peace! I will set up the memorial.
I am so sorry to hear this. My deepest sympathy to her family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love and hugs, Joyce In NC
I didn't get to meet Marjorie until getting the Light a Candle for Marjorie from Jill. Thankfully there's this BFAC community to share and get to know wonderful fighters, and survivors, like Marjorie, even if they have left us. Just now I've been reading Marjorie's last few posts for the first time, and I feel the richer because her writing is so loving and patient. What a gift to leave us. Thank you Marjorie, Nicole
I shall now be able to read her other blog with the sense that I knew her. Google it, you'll find her there. Wherever she is, there's a feast of good food, wonderful music and funny, funny stories.
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(December 23, 1938 - July 8, 2011)

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